Fashion film with the andalusian designer Beatriz Peñalver.

Fashion film awarded in several international fashion festivals. This flamenco-inspired fashion video represents an artistic ode to flamenco dresses, Andalusian folklore icons and female empowerment.



Best Hairstyling design at La Jolla of San Diego International Fashion Film Awards.

Best Hairstyling design at Mercedes Benz Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival .

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"That which is proposed to

the imagination as possible and true, not being so"

Created and directed by Raúl Rosillo

A collaboration with the designer Beatriz Peñalver

to show her collection of flamenco dresses.

Casting: Ana Caldas, Rocío Guijarro, Teresa Escobedo,

Natalia Casaño, Irene Celda and Beatriz Peñalver.

Flamenco dancer: Marta Lopez

Photography, art and creative direction. Realization,

organization of production and editing: Raul Rosillo

Flamenco dress design: Beatriz Peñalver

Accessories design: Raul Rosillo

Makeup: Almudena Becerra

Hair salon Lucia Martin García

Hairdressing assistant: Albania Martin García

Sound, song and dance: Ricardo de la Juana,

“Turri” and Maria la Canastera.

Musicians: Musical Group Our Lady of the Incarnation

Assistant Director: Gonzalo Periane

Art Direction Assistant: Carolina de Vera

Photography assistant: Gabriel Galindez

Lighting and color: Gonzalo periane

Sound recording: Roberto Joya (Antelec)

Biker: Juan Martin Novo

Logistics: Cofer Group

Transportation: Autocares Fajardo

Flowers: Carmen "Flowers for your wedding"

Meat: Paco Romera Butchery

Graphic design: Gonzalo Periane

April 2013