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About Raúl Rosillo

Raúl is an Andalusian Creative and Visual Artist, graduated in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Sevilla. He studied a Master’s degree in Creativity at the Underground School of Buenos Aires, after which, he moved to London to continue his training in Art Direction for fashion at the prestigious Saint Martin’s school. He has had the opportunity to work in Europe, the United States and Latin America, and with his unique style, he has been recognized with multiple awards and nominations as a creative and art director, fashion film director and photographer, at the most prestigious international festivals. As a reference in the fashion film world, he has been a teacher in Master’s degree of fashion and he has given conferences in universities and photography schools around the world.

Rosillo produces from a traditional imaginary complementing it with avantgarde signifiers. This is where he demonstrates his social commitment, his Andalusian roots and the assimilation of the latest trends. His works are full of innovation, freshness, passion and creativity, always accompanied by that obsessive care with the details that the multidisciplinary artist lets fall on each of the phases of his works. Raul has always worked as an independent producer, which has led him to control the entire process of realization of each project, starting with the creation of an idea, and taking care of the photography and art direction, to continue with the selection of locations, and finishing with the edition. This is the essence that makes up the style of this talented artist, and the reason why he has worked as an idea generator, concept and image creator, and director of advertising campaigns for renowned brands and personalities.


From 2014 he is the Creative and Art Director of Aire Ancient Baths, relaxation temples located in New York, Chicago and Barcelona, among other international cities. Creating the visual language, advising the image and producing all the photographic and audiovisual contents of this brand; managing to place it as a reference of image in the sector of wellness, luxury and lifestyle.

Rosillo offers services backed by his own team of generation of ideas, renewal and advice on brand image, as well as audiovisual productions for advertising and television, creation of content for social media and offline, music video and image creation for events, scenography and interior design.

Rosillo Studio

A new concept studio specialized in the creation of brand experience & audiovisual production. Working in wellness, lifestyle, fashion & luxury visual content. We provide concepts, photography sessions, audiovisual productions, branding advice, art direction and set design productions.